Clothing moth

Defense Against Moths

Usually, if you see moths, they will be outside your home and fluttering around lights. Did you know there are some moths that actually prefer to be inside your home? Their goal is to find your kitchen pantry and closets. Our goal is to kick them out before they can destroy your food and clothing. Contact Moxie Pest Control today.
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Types of Pests

Pantry Moth
As per its name, the pantry moth infests dried fruits and grains, such as rice, pasta, flour, and beans. An adult pantry moth is about ½-inch long and can fly. Their maggots eat through unopened packaging, however they can't penetrate sealed glass or plastic containers. Their larvae leave white silken cocoons and cocoon webbing in their wake. Prior to any treatment of these moths, you must discard or freeze any grain products in your home.

Clothing Moth
The well-known clothing moth has a shiny white larvae which eats and destroys fabrics and furs. Their adults are white, about a 1/2-inch long, and will flee from light. Before our treatment of clothing moths, all your wool and fur clothing should be dry cleaned.
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