Eliminating Home Invaders

Not all of the pests listed below are likely to be found in your home, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to have them around. The last thing you want is to see a silverfish crawling up the wall when you're about to go to sleep. The first thing you want is to contact Moxie Pest Control so you can sleep a little easier at night.

Invading Pests Include:

These ugly bugs are serious garden pests. You'll recognize them by their amber bodies and yellow legs. When it rains, earwigs often will head inside. Earwigs are also known as pincher bugs, though they won't actually pinch you. The earwig primarily eats decaying matter.

House Cricket
You'll hear a cricket before you see one. The house cricket is yellowish-brown and roughly 1-inch long. It creates a distinct chirp, especially while in the dark. While they're happy to live outdoors, they can end up inside if they find a warm interior. House crickets will chew just about anything from carpets to clothing. Watch you - they'll bite you if captured!

You'll find silverfish in your home feeding on wallpaper, books, and cardboard, as they eat paper, glue, starch and textiles. The silverfish is nocturnal and flees from any light. They get their name because they're a silvery white color. This common insect is cone-shaped and approximately ¾- to ½-inch long.

Millipedes have a dark, tubular body and vary in color and size. They can be as small as half an inch to as large as 12 inches in some exotic locations. The millipede has two legs per body segment. You'll find them living in moist soil, usually covered by plants, rocks, or leaves. The millipede primarily eats decaying organic matter.

Sowbug or Pillbug
These bugs are also known as “roly-polies” or “potato bugs.” This dark, segmented bug is usually about ¾-inch long. They feed on decaying plant matter and prefer to live in damp areas, underneath leaves or rocks. However, you'll also find them under boxes in a damp basement or storage room.
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