Stopping Stingers and Biters

A tick bite is more than just painful. It could transmit a disease that can affect you for the rest of your life. Ticks and wasps are not anything to take lightly, so you need maximum defenses for your home and family. Contact Moxie Pest Control and learn about our annual service agreements for long-term, worry-free protection.

Characteristics and Types

Wasps are known to build their honeycomb-shaped nests under eaves, awnings, and tree branches. Their colors and sizes differ among the different species. If you see a wasp, stay out of its way, as they are territorial and can get extremely aggressive. In fact, a wasp's sting is more painful than that of a bee or a scorpion.

Mud Daubers
The tiny mud dauber won't sting you but can still be a nuisance. They build mud tubes high on walls and under overhangs to protect their food and their larvae.

Adult ticks can live over a year without even eating. As you're probably aware, ticks generally live on animals and can carry diseases. Ticks feed on the blood of animals and humans. Their colors and sizes vary with the different species.

There are a number of different species of centipede that vary in size and color. Each centipede has anywhere from 10-100 segments and each body segment has a pair of its own legs. The centipede seeks damp environments, from rocks and leaves to basements. Centipedes feed on insects and spiders. Their large jaws allow them to bite humans and their bite feels similar to that of a bee.
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