Get Rid of Annoying Ants

When you see only one or two ants, you know there are dozens more that you just haven't seen yet and might never see. Moxie Pest Control knows where to find them and how to get rid of them. Contact us at the first sign of trouble so we can eliminate their nests and make sure they are gone for good.
Pavement ants

A Variety of Ants

Argentine Ant
The Argentine ant is one of the more common species in the U.S. They are brown in color and usually sweet eaters. Unfortunately, this ant is one of the most difficult to control, as they often set up multiple nearby colonies so they can take over a larger area. They are often found near electrical outlets, bathroom ceilings, and kitchen counters throughout the year.

Fire Ant
Fire ants are aggressive and venomous, with the capability to bite predators multiple times. In fact, they can even kill small wildlife and domestic animals! Their bite is even strong enough to eat through rubber wire insulation. Fire ants are approximately ¼-inch long and a dark-reddish color. You'll typically find them in mounds of earth in the yard.

Odorous Ant
This unpleasant ant emits a bad odor when stepped on. Odorous ants are a brownish-red color and very tiny - only about 1/10-inch long. They usually build their colonies underneath rocks and inside of walls. Additionally, female odorous ants can lay one egg per day. The odorous ant also lives several years.

Pavement Ant
Pavement ants will sometimes live alongside other, larger ants, feeding on the young of their hosts. These ants are generally brown and 1/10 of an inch long. You'll find them nesting in sidewalk cracks, along curbs inside of walls, and under rocks and floors.

Pharaoh Ant
This very tiny ant is only 1/16-inch and a golden-amber color. The pharaoh ant requires a warmer climate to survive. Their nests are usually hidden in well-protected areas such as wall voids. Just a single pharaoh ant colony can support several million worker ants.

Thief Ants
Thief ants are so tiny; they can go undetected for weeks. They're known as "thief ants" because they feed off of the larvae of other ant species. You'll commonly see them around your kitchen sink or pantry. They're known to feeds on cheeses, greasy foods, and meats.
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