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About this pest

Short Description of Ants and Their Behavior:
Ants are social insects known for their highly organized colonies and industrious nature. They work together to find food, build nests, and protect their queen. Depending on the species, ants can build their nests in soil, walls, or inside the home itself. Their relentless search for food often leads them into kitchens, pantries, and anywhere they can find crumbs or leftovers.

Why You Might Be Seeing Ants in Your Home:

  • Food Sources: Ants are drawn to readily available food sources like sugary snacks, greasy crumbs, and pet food.

  • Moisture: Some ant species prefer damp environments and may establish nests near leaky pipes, sinks, or bathrooms.

  • Outdoor Colonies: Ants often build colonies outside and travel indoors through cracks, gaps, or utility lines.

  • Seasonal Changes: During warmer months or rainy seasons, ants often invade homes seeking shelter, food, or water.

How We Treat for Ants:

  1. Inspection: Our licensed technicians perform a thorough inspection to identify ant species, locate nests, and determine entry points.

  2. Customized Treatment Plan: Based on the inspection findings, we design a targeted treatment plan, utilizing eco-friendly products to eliminate ants and their nests.

  3. Barrier Treatment: We create a protective barrier around your home to prevent ants from entering.

  4. Nest Elimination: For outdoor colonies, we apply specialized treatments directly to nests to destroy them.

  5. Follow-Up Services: We provide follow-up treatments and maintenance plans to keep ants at bay year-round.

Choose Moxie Pest Control and say goodbye to ants with our effective, environmentally conscious pest control solutions.

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