Black widow spider

Wiping Out Spiders

Nothing seems as creepy as spiders and nothing gets rid of spiders like the licensed professional treatments from Moxie Pest Control. Some people think spiders are harmless and help get rid of other bugs, but some carry venom and cause severe allergic reactions. Contact us today and ask about an annual service agreement!
House spider

Several Species of Spiders

House Spider
The common house spider is about 3/8-inch long with a brownish body and a round abdomen with darker markings. It spins silky webs around its prey and also selects its web locations at random. However, if they aren't catching any prey, they will abandon that web for a new location.

Brown Recluse
The venomous bite of a brown recluse can be highly dangerous to humans. This spider has a dark brown, fiddle-shaped marking on its back and is about ½-inch long. They commonly hunt for their prey at night, feeding on soft-bodied insects. Once the sun rises, they'll drag their food off to spin irregular, off-white webs in darker, secluded areas. If you have been bitten by a brown recluse, please seek medical attention right away!

Black Widow
One of the best-known spiders, the female black widow is about ½-inch long and has an easily recognizable red hourglass marking on its underside. The toxic bite of these black spiders causes a severe allergic reaction in humans. If bitten you are bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

Wolf Spider
The wolf spider's appearance is much scarier than they actually are. These spiders are large, brown and hairy, ranging from ½-inch to 2-inches long in size. They aren't typically associated with spinning webs and are often found near windows, doors, house plants or storage areas.

Garden Spider
The garden spider can spin expansive, elaborate and very organized flat orb webs. These spiders can grow to up to 1½-inches long, with even longer legs, and are covered with colorful markings. As per their name, they often live in gardens, where they trap flies with their highly intricate webs. Their webs are also frequently built on fences and exterior walls.
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