Taking Care of Termites

Termites don't enter your home in search of food like ants do, because for termites, your home is food. Once they start, they won't stop until they've done thousands of dollars in damage. Take a look at the warning signs below, and then contact Moxie Pest Control as soon as possible. Annual service agreements are available.

Signs of Termites

How will you know if termites are in your home? You'll likely notice their sawdust-like droppings called “frass," as well as termites' discarded wings or mud tubes they've created that are leading from the ground up through the side of your foundation. Some other signs of termites in your home may be cracked or bubbling paint. If you tap on your wood construction and hear a hollow sound, you may also have termites.

How We Protect You

At Moxie Pest Control, we offer a wide variety of advanced treatments to fight termite colonies in and around your house. You can count on our experienced team to help determine which method is best for you. Some factors can include your home's construction, configuration, and environment. You can trust that our professionals will know the right options for your home, family, and property.
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