American cockroach

Kicking Out Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the toughest pests to get rid of. They've been around since the age of dinosaurs, so it's going to take more than a can of supermarket bug spray to get rid of them. Contact Moxie Pest Control. Let us evaluate your home, show you what may be attracting them, and show you how we'll get rid of them.
German cockroach

A Variety of Cockroaches

German Cockroach
German cockroaches are approximately the same size as brown-banded roaches. You'll recognize them by their two brown stripes that run the length of their wings. German cockroaches love fermented food which is why they're usually found in unsanitary kitchens or bathrooms.

Oriental Cockroach
The Oriental cockroach is dark brown and roughly one-inch long. This species seeks out warm, damp indoor areas to live in, such as basements and storage areas. It eats decaying organic matter, preferably starches.

American Cockroach
The common American cockroach is usually between 1- to 1½-inches long and has reddish-brown wings. They fly outside but are scavengers who live in warm, damp places and beverages, such as water and alcohol. American cockroaches also prefer to eat decaying organic matter.

Brown-Banded Cockroach
This type of cockroach is often mistaken for the German cockroach. They have golden stripes across the wings and are usually just over a half-inch long. Brown-banded cockroaches prefer living in drier environments, such as inside furniture and walls. They feed on starches.

Smokybrown Cockroach
This species generally grows to over 1-inch long at maturity. The smokybrown cockroach lives outside, feeding primarily on plant matter, then fly around at night guided by any light sources.
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