Removing Rodents

Rodents are the ultimate pests. They can get bigger. They damage electric wires, furniture, and insulation. They eat your food and spread diseases. They are cute in movies, but they're a serious danger to your home and family. If you suspect a mouse or rat anywhere in your home, contact Moxie Pest Control immediately!

The Differences Between Mice and Rats

Mice are usually smaller than rats, and they have smaller ears and hind legs than rats as well. They are capable of squeezing through holes that are slightly larger than a pencil eraser. Mice commonly can slip into your house through open doors, attics, and foundation vents.

The Roof and Norway rat are the most common rodents found in the U.S. Rats are larger than mice, with proportionally smaller ears and larger hind feet. Juvenile rats can be distinguished from adult mice by their larger feet, head, and tail. Rats can gnaw through your furniture and electrical wires. Additionally, unlike mice, rats carry infectious diseases.
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